Allround Chinees vertaalbureau

Ruim 23 jaar actief voor al uw Chinese vertalingen.

Beëdigde vertaling of een beëdigd tolk nodig?

Geen enkel probleem. Wij staan voor u klaar.

Specialist voor DTP-zetwerk

Wij doen intern al uw DTP-zetwerk. U heeft één aanspreekpunt.

Chinese voice-over of Chinese ondertiteling

Wij werken met professionele stemacteurs en wij kunnen al u Chinese ondertiteling verzorgen.

Beëdigd tolk in rechtbank

Geen probleem, wij tolken regelmatig in de rechtbank.

Beëdigde vertaling laten legaliseren?

Wij kunnen het volledige legalisatieproces voor u uitvoeren.

Chinese translation agengy

Quality assurance


Your business relations will judge the quality of your product based on the quality of your translation! So quality assurance is the first matter of importance at LBS.

To guarantee the linguistic quality the work is done by highly qualified personnel following fixed procedures. In addition, use is made of advanced translation software. In this way we guarantee a consistent use of terminology and a uniform style for all your text. We also try to use the same translators for your projects as much as possible.

Of course all translations and final checks are carried out by a native speaker.

We can also provide officially sworn translations where necessary.

We work according to laid down procedures in order to guarantee a constant quality. If you click on the image, you can inspect the process that we follow.


Chinese translation agengy

Cheap translations


Are you looking for cheap translation?

If you search the internet for cheap translations, you will find a large number of providers with ‘attractive’ offers. But think about it... translation is not a protected profession; so anyone can call themselves a translator. If you have a translation carried out by such a provider then you will undoubtedly receive a text in Chinese by return, but for you as the client it is usually not possible to check if the translation is correct.

chinees vertaalbureau chinglish152

What appears to be a bargain can turn out to be more expensive in the end.

What is it that you want? A cheap ‘translation’ or a correct translation that gives a good rendering of the source documents? Your business relations will judge the quality of your product based on the quality of your translation.

LBS only uses highly qualified translators who only translate into their mother tongue. We are specialised in Chinese, Japanese, English and Dutch and all combinations of these languages. Quality, service and strict confidentiality are our basic principles and form the most important guidelines for all our translation projects. We work according to laid down procedures in order to guarantee a constant quality. If you click on the image, you can inspect the process that we follow. If you click on the image below, you can inspect the process that we follow. As you can see, there are many steps needed in the process in order to guarantee the high quality. In addition to these fixed procedures, we use advanced translation tools whereby we can guarantee consistent use of terminology and style. Furthermore, the final check on your translation is always carried out by a sworn translator who is registered in the Rbtv (Register beëdigde tolken en vertalers or Register of sworn interpreters and translators)!


The choice is yours! If you want something for nothing, then you are at the wrong address. If you are looking for high quality work, then we will be only too pleased to help you.

As an illustration, on this page you can find some examples of translations from Chinese to English that were found in China. If you choose for cheap translation, you run the risk of these sorts of mistakes arising in your text that is translated into Chinese or Japanese.

  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish001.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish002.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish003.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish004.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish005.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish006.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish007.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish008.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish009.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish010.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish011.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish012.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish013.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish014.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish015.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish016.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish017.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish018.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish019.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish020.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish021.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish022.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish023.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish024.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish025.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish026.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish027.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish028.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish029.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish030.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish031.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish032.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish033.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish034.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish035.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish036.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish037.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish038.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish039.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish040.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish041.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish042.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish043.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish044.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish045.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish046.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish047.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish048.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish049.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish050.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish051.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish052.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish053.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish054.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish055.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish056.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish057.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish058.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish059.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish060.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish061.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish062.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish063.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish064.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish065.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish066.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish067.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish068.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish069.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish070.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish071.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish072.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish073.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish074.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish075.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish076.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish077.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish078.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish079.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish080.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish081.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish082.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish083.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish084.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish085.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish086.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish087.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish088.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish089.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish090.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish091.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish092.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish093.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish094.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish095.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish096.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish097.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish098.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish099.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish100.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish101.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish102.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish103.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish104.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish105.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish106.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish107.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish108.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish109.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish110.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish111.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish112.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish113.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish114.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish115.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish116.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish117.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish118.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish119.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish120.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish121.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish122.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish123.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish124.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish125.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish126.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish127.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish128.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish129.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish130.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish131.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish132.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish133.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish134.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish135.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish136.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish137.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish138.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish139.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish140.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish141.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish142.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish143.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish144.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish145.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish146.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish147.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish148.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish149.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish150.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish151.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-chinglish152.jpg




Chinese translation agengy



LBS provides a wide range of services in which we are specialised in Chinese and Japanese. Among other things we handle:

  • Brochures, folders and fact sheets
  • Business cards
  • Catalogues
  • Instruction manuals
  • On-line help systems
  • Presentations
  • Product packaging
  • Promotional materials
  • Software localisation
  • Training and educational material
  • Websites


For sworn translations we handle, among other things:

  • Birth certificates
  • Diplomas
  • Driving licences
  • Divorce agreements
  • Notarial deeds
  • Marriage certificates
  • Passports
  • Single status declaration


Our clients come from many diverse sectors. To name the most important:

  • Accountancy
  • Advertising and PR agencies
  • Banking
  • Building companies
  • Consultants /advice bureaus
  • Electrical engineering
  • Export and logistics
  • Fashion and clothing companies
  • Financial management
  • Harbour and towing companies
  • Hotels, restaurants and cafés / culinary
  • Hospitals / specialists
  • ICT companies
  • Institutions and government
  • Insurance industries
  • Local authorities
  • Marketing
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Metal and wood working
  • Organisation bureaus
  • Patent institutes
  • Police / judiciary / law courts
  • Publishers and printers
  • Real estate
  • Software suppliers
  • Telecommunications
  • The automobile industry
  • The energy sector
  • The legal profession
  • Tool manufacturers
  • Tourism
  • Transport and distribution
  • Universities and educational institues

Chinese translation agengy

Good translation agency?


If you search the internet for the words ‘translation agency’, you will get more than 2 million hits. That is not so strange as anyone can call themselves a translator. After all, the title is not protected in any way.

How do you find a good translation agency? It can indeed be difficult because you yourself are mostly not in a position to check the end result. If you can do the final check yourself, then maybe you do not need a translation agency any more. Of course you can check the translators’ education, experience and references, but more important is the quality control that is performed and the use of translation tools.

Some agencies offer translation services for dozens of languages. Very often the agency consist of a few people who only outsource the work. Sometimes the work is again outsourced by the second party. The work that is delivered to the agency goes straight to you without any further checking. You pay a substantial margin on the price without getting any added value for it. So you pay too much.

The better agencies do the translation work independently, make use of advanced translation tools, and have organised their own quality control system. As regards the quality control systems, you must take into account the amount of work that is offered for the language concerned. An agency that offers 25 languages, and says that it does the final check itself, will possibly have someone in permanent employment who must carry out the checks for the common languages such as English. For the more exotic languages such as Chinese and Japanese, in general they do not employ a permanent editor because the demand for these languages is too small. For these languages many larger translation agencies will only function as an intermediary.

This is different in a specialised company. For LBS, Chinese and Japanese are not exotic languages; we work with nothing else all day!

So for you as a potential client it is important to go deeply into the agency's speciality, the quality control and the use of translation software. In addition it is important that your translation is always carried out by someone who has the target language as their mother tongue.

LBS is specialised in the Chinese, Japanese, English and Dutch languages. We only use translators who translate into their mother tongue and mostly live in the country where your translation is going to be used. This guarantees up-to-date use of the language as it is also used by your local target group. We also use the newest translation tools. In this way we can guarantee the quality and consistency of our translations even more. For the use of these tools, database (‘translation memories’) are created containing client-specific terminology and then used for each successive translation. In this way your specific translations are always carried out using the same memory, whereby the same translations are always used. In addition, for each new commission a check is first carried out automatically against your database. For all the exact matches in the translation you receive a discount on the following translation.

Apart from what is mentioned above, you have yet another guarantee with LBS. For each translation a final check on your translation is carried out by a sworn translator who is registered in the Rbtv (Register beëdigde tolken en vertalers or Register of sworn interpreters and translators)! If required we can also officially certify the translation with the appropriate stamps and signature.

TIP: Many translation agency websites are set up in more than one language. Compare the Dutch text to the English translation of their own website. This often gives a clear image of the quality that will or will not be provided.   

Chinese translation agengy

Bureau of sworn interpreters and translators

(Bureau beëdigde tolken en vertalers)


Since 1 January 2009 there has been a new law governing sworn interpreters and translators, the Wet beëdigde tolken en vertalers (Wbtv). This means that registering in the KTV (Kwaliteitsregister Tolken en Vertalers or Quality register of Interpreters and Translators) is no longer used.

The Wet beëdigde tolken en vertalers obliges certain purchasers on behalf of the judiciary, in the framework of criminal law and immigration laws, in principal to only employ interpreters and translators who are registered in the Rbtv (Register beëdigde tolken en vertalers or Register of sworn interpreters and translators).

Using the Rbtv people can check if the sworn interpreter or translator is registered. The Bureau BTV is responsible for some execution aspects of the Wet beëdigde tolken en vertalers.

All interpreters and translators who work for parts of the judiciary can apply to be listed in the Rbtv. Before being registered, the interpreter/translator is assessed per language against specific criteria. Only if all the conditions are met regarding content and administration is the person listed in the register. The register is open to the public via the internet.

For more information you can use the information given below:

Bureau beëdigde tolken en vertalers
Antwoordnummer 10794
5200 WB ‘s-Hertogenbosch
Telephone 0900 202 66 24
Telefax 073 612 38 76
E-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Waarom moet u ons kiezen?


• Wij hebben ruim 23 jaar ervaring

• U zoekt een specialist voor Chinese vertalingen

• U wilt niet de duurste, niet de goedkoopste, maar wel de beste

Strikte vertrouwelijkheid is van belang

• Uitsluitend professionele moedertaalsprekers voeren de vertaling uit

Vaste procedures zorgen voor een optimale kwaliteit

• U wilt hoge kwaliteit

• Wij zijn ingeschreven bij het Bureau beëdigde tolken en vertalers

• U kunt met ons in het Nederlands, Engels of Chinees corresponderen


Kortom... vraag een geheel vrijblijvende offerte aan.
Voor ons is Chinees geen exotische taal, wij doen de hele dag niets anders.

Vraag direct een offerte aan...

Overzicht van onze diensten

Hieronder vindt u een overzicht van onze diensten. Neem gerust contact met ons op voor geheel vrijblijvende informatie.

Chinees vertaakbureau - Chinees vertalen

Chinese vertalingen

Wij verzorgen al uw Chinese vertalingen. Al uw opdrachten worden door moedertaalsprekers uitgevoerd.

Lees meer...

Chinees tolken

Reguliere Chinese tolkdiensten

Al ruim 23 jaar ervaring met tolken met meer dan 20.900 uur Chinese tolkervaring in diverse branches.

Lees meer...

Chinese Website vertalingen

Chinese vertaling website

Wij kunnen exports van website vertalen met behoud van alle codes en wij kunnen rechtstreeks in uw CMS werken.

Lees meer...

Chinees tolken in rechtbank

Beëdigde tolken Chinees

Voor o.a. het transport van een akte bij de notaris, of in de rechtbank heeft u een officieel beëdigd tolk Chinees nodig.

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Chinese revisie

Revisie bestaande vertalingen

Wij voeren revisiewerkzaamheden uit op Chinese vertalingen waarbij wij de laatste puntjes op de i zetten.

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Chinese voice over

Chinese voice-over

Wij verzorgen de Chinese voice-over en werken met een groot aantal professionele stemacteurs.

Lees meer...


Chinese beedigde vertaling

Beëdigde vertalingen

Wij verzorgen ook beëdigde vertalingen Chinees-Nederlands en Nederlands-Chinees (inclusief legalisatie).

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Chinees DTP zetwerk


Wij voeren intern Chinees DTP-zetwerk uit waardoor u één aanspreekpunt heeft en geen communicatiestoringen.

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Chinese ondertiteling

Chinese ondertiteling

Wij verzorgen ook de volledige Chinese ondertiteling inclusief het zetten van tijdcodes.

Lees meer...

Een selectie van de klanten waarvoor wij werk(t)en

  • chinees-vertaalbureau-portfolio-A004.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-portfolio-A007.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-portfolio-B002.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-portfolio-B004.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-portfolio-B007.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-portfolio-B012.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-portfolio-B013.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-portfolio-C005.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-portfolio-C006.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-portfolio-C008.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-portfolio-D013.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-portfolio-D015.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-portfolio-D016.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-portfolio-D017.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-portfolio-E003.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-portfolio-F005.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-portfolio-G007.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-portfolio-H005.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-portfolio-H007.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-portfolio-I005.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-portfolio-I008.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-portfolio-K003.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-portfolio-L005.png
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-portfolio-L006.png
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-portfolio-L008.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-portfolio-M001.png
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-portfolio-M005.png
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-portfolio-M007.png
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-portfolio-N001.png
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-portfolio-O003.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-portfolio-P004.png
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-portfolio-P005.png
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-portfolio-R001.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-portfolio-R004.jpg
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-portfolio-S001.png
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-portfolio-S010.png
  • chinees-vertaalbureau-portfolio-V003.png