Working Method - Sworn Chinese translation agengy

Sworn Chinese translations and Chinese Interpreters

Competence, quality and service are central to our work. So we pay the greatest attention possible to the details, both for large and small orders.

In the first instance we tune our services to the wishes of the client. In accordance with the nature of your order the most suitable people are therefore entrusted with carrying it out. The quality is guaranteed by employing specialised professional translators who only translate into their mother tongue and mostly live in the country where your translation is going to be used. This guarantees up-to-date use of the language as it is also used by your local target group, based on your company’s terminology and style.

Finally, a final check is always carried out at LBS in Holland, for completeness, correctness of the content, spelling and grammar.

Of course we undertake to treat your information as confidential.