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Sworn Chinese translations and Chinese Interpreters

More and more often we are confronted with Chinese or Japanese typesetting of a very mediocre quality, which is often prepared by European printers and typesetters. However, typesetting for Chinese and Japanese requires special treatment; this type of text cannot be typeset in the same way as other languages. Only a specialist can carry out this work, whereby your company’s house style must of course remain intact.

For Chinese and Japanese typesetting it is absolutely necessary that the person carrying out the typesetting can also actually read the language concerned. To give an example: While Chinese and Japanese do not use any spaces, there are some places where one absolutely may not split the text.

So take care that your typesetting work is performed by people who are actually competent in that language. What appears to you as a visually nice Chinese or Japanese layout can appear untidy and careless to a native speaker!

This specialist knowledge is available at LBS. For several years now we have been taking care of DTP typesetting and layouts in house for text in Chinese and Japanese. This has the extra benefit for you that there is only one point of contact for all your translation and typesetting work. You supply us with the source text files; we translate the text and take care of the typesetting. The files that we deliver can be directly processed by the printer.

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