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Sworn Chinese translations and Chinese interpreting

The quality of a translation will affect the way a potential customer experiences your brand or company.

A marketing text not only has to be translated accurately and professionally, it must also appeal to a Chinese audience. A translation that is too literal doesn’t usually work very well.

Your business relations will judge the quality of your product based on the quality of your translation!

LBS has been translating marketing texts from and to Chinese since 1996. Be it advertising campaigns, print ads, brochures or other marketing material, LBS can actively support you in your international campaigns.

Now that you have a great Chinese translation, it has to be typeset. A Chinese text is not formatted in the same way as a Western text. And while there are no spaces between the characters, there are rules for splitting Chinese texts!

Don’t ruin your Chinese translation with poor formatting.

We can typeset your texts here at LBS. One point of contact eliminates long communication lines!