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Sworn Chinese translations and Chinese interpreting

Translating appears simple: some text is turned into another language. However, it quickly turns out that the location has somewhat of an influence on the context and the meaning of the text. This is why when making a translation the term localisation is important: with this your product or message is adapted to the local target market.

We provide translation and localisation services for the following languages:


We can also prepare sworn translations. A sworn translation is prepared by translators who have been sworn in by the courts. These translations are recognised by the government in Holland, and are legally valid abroad, provided they are provided with attestations by the district court, the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the embassy of the country where the sworn translation must be legally valid.

Chinese Translation Agency LBS uses very well trained professional translators, who translate into their mother tongue and usually live in the country where the target audience for your localised product lives. Because we have available an international network of local professionals with linguistic and cultural knowledge of the target audience, we can operate quickly and flexibly, and deliver top quality.

Whether it concerns company brochures, business cards, folders, websites, presentations, journals, terms of employment, business contracts, or other affairs: LBS takes care of your professional translating.