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In order to use Dutch documents in China, the documents must first be legalised. Legalising documents for China is complex and time consuming, and the procedures vary between mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. As if that isn’t complex enough, the requirements are based on the different types of documents.

We make things a lot easier for you!

Not only can we provide the sworn translation into Chinese, but we can also take care of the legalisation for you.

We’ve taken care of a lot of document legalisations over the years. We know from experience which requirements your documents must meet under normal circumstances.

Note: Our experience enables us to estimate fairly accurately what will and will not be accepted by the authorities in the Netherlands. However, each document is different and the authorities can change their rules at any time without prior notice.

You must always specify which documents need to be translated and legalised. We cannot advise you on this because each authority in China could have different requirements.


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