Chinese translation Agency
Chinese translation Agency
Chinese translation Agency
Chinese translation Agency
Chinese translation Agency
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We’ve been in business for more than 28 years!

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No problem, you’ve come to the right place!

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All your texts are typeset in-house using DTP software. You have one point of contact.

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No problem, we interpret in court on a regular basis.

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We can do that for you.

Specialist in the translation of Chinese websites

Sworn Chinese translations and Chinese interpreting


In order to do business with the Chinese, your website must be in correct Chinese. We will deliver the Chinese translation that is right for your Chinese target group. 

Are you aware that the character sets used in mainland China and Taiwan are different? If your Chinese website is in the wrong character set, you will not reach the desired target group.

Although LBS specialises in Chinese translations, we can also provide translations into other Asian languages such as Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese. We will localise your websites quickly and efficiently using the latest technology and language tools.

Among other things, our package of services includes:

  • Translating websites, without touching the HTML or XML code
  • Testing websites from a technical and linguistic point of view
  • Producing the final version of the localised website

Invest in a good translation and prevent your business relations from choosing a different business partner because your Chinese website is flawed.


Chinese content management

Now that your texts have been translated, the next step consists of publishing them online. This is all the more challenging if you don't speak Chinese; there are not only a lot of technical aspects that need to be taken into account in order to format Chinese characters correctly, it's also the stage in which you generally notice that the text may need a few minor changes.

We can do all of this work for you so you can focus on writing the texts. This is how it works:

  • You give us access to your website/CMS
  • You send us the new texts
  • We translate the texts
  • We upload the translated and formatted texts to your website/CMS
  • We check the translations online
  • We check the layout and make sure the Chinese pages work correctly
  • We let you know when we’re done so you can publish the translations

We have years of experience with this process and have used it successfully on projects for several multinationals.



Why choose us?


  We have over 28 years of experience

  You’re looking for a specialist in high-quality Chinese translations

  Strict confidentiality is important

  Translations are done solely by professional native speakers

   Standard procedures guarantee the highest quality

  We are registered with Bureau beëdigde tolken en vertalers (Office of Sworn Interpreters and Translators)

  You can correspond with us in Dutch, Chinese or English


Chinese is not an exotic language for us; it’s our daily working language.

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Overview of our services

Below is an overview of our services. Please contact us for a no-obligation quotation

Chinees vertaakbureau - Chinees vertalen

Chinese translations

We can handle all of your
Chinese translations.
All your translations are
done by native speakers.

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Chinees tolken

Non-sworn interpreting services to and from Chinese

More than 28 years of interpreting experience with over 24,000 hours to and from Chinese in different industries.


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Chinese Website vertalingen

Chinese website translation

We can translate exported webpages, without damaging any codes, or we can work directly in your content management system.

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Chinees tolken in rechtbank

Sworn Chinese Interpreters

You will need a sworn Chinese interpreter, for example,
in court or to transfer a deed
at the notary’s office.

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Legalisatie documenten

Legalisation of documents for use in China or Taiwan

We can get your Dutch documents
legalised so you can use them in
China or Taiwan.



Chinese ondertiteling

Chinese subtitling

We also do Chinese subtitling,
including placing the time codes.

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Sworn translations

Sworn translations

We also provide sworn translations
from Dutch and Chinese
and from Chinese to Dutch
(including the legalisation process).

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Chinees DTP zetwerk

DTP and Typesetting

Your Chinese text is typeset in-house using desktop publishing software. You have one point of contact from the beginning to the end of your project.

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Chinese revisie

Translation revision

We revise Chinese translations that are done by third parties to make sure they are accurate, suitable for the Chinese market, and flow well.

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