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China is developing into the most important market in Asia. This rapidly growing market offers a lot of business opportunities.

A common belief is that a text is ready for a Chinese market once it has been translated. Nothing is farther from the truth: China has three spoken languages and two character sets that are used based on the region in which you would like to do business. The below table provides an overview.

Country / Region Written language Spoken language
People’s Republic of China Simplified Chinese** Mandarin (Putonghua)
Taiwan Traditional Chinese* Mandarin (Guoyu)
Hong Kong Traditional Chinese* Cantonese (Guangdonghua)
Singapore Simplified Chinese** Mandarin (Putonghua)

* Traditional Chinese as used in Taiwan differs from traditional Chinese as used in Hong Kong. The writing is the same, but there are big differences in grammar, the choice of words, terminology and expressions.

** This is also true for simplified Chinese as used in the People’s Republic of China and Singapore.


The examples below give an idea of the difference between traditional and simplified Chinese:

 Word / Region China Taiwan Hong Kong Singapore
Computer 计算机 電腦 電腦 计算机
Mobile phone 移动电话 行動電話 流動電話 移动电话
Plasma TV 等离子电视 電漿電視 等離子電視
or 電漿電視
Judge 审判长 法官 法官 法官


As you can see, each country or area in which Chinese is used has a different way of saying the same thing. LBS can help you navigate this linguistic jungle. Let LBS help you to make your product a success in the Far East, the fastest growing market in the world!

In addition to non-sworn translations, we also provide sworn translations and we can even get your translation legalised for you.