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Sworn Chinese translations and Chinese Interpreters

The literal meaning of the word is “someone who translates what is said for people who cannot understand each other”. In practice there are three different ways in which this can happen, namely:


Conversation interpreting: a conversation is translated sentence by sentence from speaker A’s language into speaker B’s language and vice versa. These interpreters are mostly employed in legal, medical, and social affairs. The interpreting of these conversations can be by telephone or in person, but also in the form of accompanying a delegation.



Consecutive interpreting: during consecutive interpreting, the speaker pauses every one to five minutes (usually at the end of every paragraph or a complete thought) and the interpreter then renders what was said into the target language. Interpreters work from memory and brief note taking when performing consecutive interpreting. It is most suitable for informal meetings or workshops where time is not limited, informal dinners or diplomatic assignments such as interpreting for a visiting minister.



Simultaneous interpreting: also known as conference interpreting, simultaneous interpreting is used for large conferences, business meetings, media launches and live TV broadcasts, and when two or more languages are used. The interpreter translates into the target language while simultaneously listening to and absorbing the meaning of the next sentence. As such, simultaneous interpreting is an extremely demanding method of interpreting. Given the concentration levels required to listen and interpret at the same time, professional interpreters work in teams of two, alternating every 20 or 30 minutes.

At congresses this is done by two interpreters per language combination in a specially equipped cabin. The listeners can follow the interpreters via a headset. For a limited number of listeners one can choose a whispering interpreter. For a maximum of three people the interpreter can work without equipment; if there are more people then he or she works with a mobile installation with a microphone and headphones.

We have much extensive experience is providing interpreting services to the judiciary, police, courts, lawyers’ offices, social assistance services and hospitals, among others.

In addition we offer a 24-hour service (interpreting by telephone) for Mandarin Chinese.