Vision - Sworn Chinese Translation Agency

Sworn Chinese translations and Chinese interpreting

LBS specialises in Asian languages such as Chinese (traditional and simplified), Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese but also handles translations from Dutch to English and vice versa. Quality, not price, is what matters to us most. All our translators are experienced in their fields and only translate into their mother tongue, guaranteeing high-quality translations.

Many interpreting and translation companies that will accept any job, regardless of the language or subject matter, at dumping prices. As with many things, "penny-wise, pound-foolish" also applies here. Such low prices are made possible by using unskilled or less experienced translators. In practice, this has negative consequences for you: your translation will be substandard and result in communication problems or worse, with all the consequences for your business that this entails.

Your business relations will judge the quality of your product based on the quality of your translation!

In order to provide optimum results, LBS works only with highly qualified professionals. We can also provide sworn translations where necessary and we can take care of the legalisation of your documents.