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Language is constantly changing. Since 1996, the Chinese translation agency LBS - Language & Business Services - has been ensuring that our customers’ message–however complicated–is communicated accurately. Excellent quality, service and strict confidentiality are the principles all our translation projects are based on.

We translate daily from Dutch or English to Chinese and vice versa. We also provide sworn translations from or to Chinese ad we can even get your documents legalised.

Consistency is key, which is why we work according to standard procedures and use sophisticated software to manage terminology. Our procedure includes checking each and every translation for correctness and accuracy by a second person. All translations are performed solely by native speakers.

We work with a number of sworn Chinese interpreters. This means that we can help more than one customer at a time.

We may have started as a Chinese translation agency, but we have since expanded our services to include Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese translations from and to Dutch and English.

LBS not only knows which cultural and technical issues can arise, but also how to solve them proactively. Our standards are high and we have an eye for detail.