Specialist for Chinese DTP and Typesetting

Sworn Chinese translations and Chinese interpreting

More and more, we are seeing poorly typeset Chinese and Japanese texts, most likely typeset by a European typesetter. Chinese and Japanese cannot be typeset in the same way as other languages. What you really need is a specialist who not only gets the linguistic and technical aspects right, but also typesets the text in your house style.

Can you tell which of the texts below is correctly formatted (click on the image)?

Can you tell which of the texts below is correclty formatted?

Okay, we’ll spill the beans... these texts are very poorly formatted, making the texts difficult to read.

So, make sure that your texts are formatted by people who really speak the language. In this case, a little knowledge does not go a long way at all. What appears to you as a visually nice Chinese or Japanese layout can appear untidy and careless to a native speaker! We have this specialist knowledge. We’ve been using desktop publishing software to format and lay out Chinese and Japanese texts for years.

The benefit of us doing the translation and the formatting is that you have one point of contact from start to finish. You supply us with the source text files; we translate the text and take care of the typesetting. The files you receive from us can be sent directly to the printer.

We also have a large number of Asian fonts. You can download a overview of our fonts:

We have a thorough command of all the necessary disciplines to prepare your printed matter without losing any time.