Sworn Chinese Interpreting - Sworn Chinese Translation Agency

Sworn Chinese translations and Chinese interpreting

Chinese interpreters at the notary’s office

If you have to see a notary to transfer a deed and don’t speak Dutch well enough, the law mandates that a sworn interpreter is present. The interpreter's information is included in the deed, which is also signed by the interpreter. Our interpreting work for notaries includes:

  • Mortgages and the handover of immovable property
  • Deeds of incorporation
  • Transfers of shares
  • Wills
  • Living wills and decisional competences
  • Cohabitation agreements
  • Gifts, endowments
  • Foundations and associations
  • Certificates of inheritance
  • Powers of attorney
  • Prenuptial and partnership agreements

Chinese court interpreters

Interpreters are also needed in court. We interpret in court on a regular basis. The owner of LBS also specialises in criminal law. This specialisation not only requires her to satisfy continuing education requirements, she must also prove that she has interpreted enough hours in court.

Non-sworn Dutch - Chinese interpreters

In addition to sworn interpreting services from Dutch to Chinese, we can also meet any interpreting needs from Dutch and English to Chinese that do not require a sworn interpreter. The owner of LBS, a sworn translator and interpreter herself, works with a variety of interpreters with different specialisms. We’re confident that we can help you! Request a no-obligation quotation.

Please see our dedicated sworn interpreting website www.beedigdtolkchinees.nl